Hanscomb Glass art has been described as energetic, elegant, breathtaking, modern, and distinctive. Our style is unmistakably beautiful with bold textures of clear glass and different qualities of lead lines to insinuate something naturally occurring.  This art glass is perfect to add a striking, yet understated, touch to any space. We are very personable and give wonderful customer service to match the quality of our craftsmanship.

From custom designed windows, to the restoration of heritage windows and sills, we work directly with you to solve your individual challenges. If you are committed to the idea of commissioning from us, please set up an appointment prior to visiting our store to be sure that someone who is able to help you is in.

In our attached store, we offer stunning affordable ornamental and functional pieces for contemporary décor and design. Decorators, designers, and contractors stretch their creative vision with Hanscomb Glass, and you should too.

ResidentialChurch and Commercial Services.

We have an Etsy shop, so if you are unable to phone us with an order, or are unable to make the trip due to timing or distance, why not have our glass work shipped to you via internet ordering? In 31 years we have never had anything break in transit.
Check out this blog from Days Out Ontario about Hanscomb Glass.


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