Bamboo Chimes

Bamboo chimes are flame-worked with borosilicate glass, which is more commonly known as “Pyrex.” Suspended from a stainless steel harness they make a charming addition to any window, porch or backyard.


Breeze Chimes

Breeze chimes are made from re-purposed sliced bottles. After being cut and kiln fired, they are suspended from a stainless steel harness. Hang these appealing chimes as a decor accent by a window to catch the light or possibly outdoors on the porch or sheltered patio. Not intended for the rigours of strong winds!









Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are made from 5mm plate glass. High temperature wire is fused between two pieces of glass and then suspended from a stainless steel harness. A beautiful and charming addition to any home — indoors or out!


Should you have any inquires regarding availability please do not hesitate to contact us!

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