Restoration rep 3 - Wood-Work

Because of Neil's fine woodworking apprenticeship in Western Canada in the early eighties and his exemplary skill working with detail, we offer a well-rounded business by providing wood surveying, maintenance and repair along with the stained glass restoration and maintenance. It is important to care for the wood frames just as you would the windows themselves as different fungi and micro-organisms introduce themselves to soft, wet wood to then deteriorate the integrity of the wood while spreading throughout the frame.

When repairing the wooden sills and frames of heritage stained glass windows, we insert Bromium sticks into the wood to discourage and kill the organisms that would compromise the wood. These sticks dissolve in wet wood, so they need to be replaced every 5-10 years to ensure that your frames will not need extensive repairs or replacement in the future.

Though we build stylised frames for outdoor windows, we also craft light-boxes for stained glass to be displayed indoors. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and the needs of their windows and then progress to our high standard of repair and installation.