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Hanscomb Glass Studio

Available Panels 2022

Available Panels 2022


Glass Panels

Many of our panels are designed using Neil’s signature stained glass style. Each panel has striking elements that draw the eye. With large shards of broken glass and glass pebbles as accents, the organically textured glass elegantly surrounds it. On the smaller panels, the frame may be “broken” which further accentuates the organic and fluid look of the panel.
Others are designed with traditional stained glass in mind. They are often a mixture of coloured and clear glass.
Additionally, we have a style that combines elements of traditional stained glass windows with Neil's contemporary style in a "neo-traditional" panel that is truly stunning.

Availability: Our current selection! 

 Morning Light Panel

Caught in a moment of morning light streaming through the easel window. 
 The pieces within the panel are a combination of fused, sandblasted and our signature glass chunks.  When sandblasting Neil combines elements from the natural environment including branches to create the silhouette effect. Point of focus are accented through the use of bold lines. This panel measures 30"x 31.25" and is made in a custom steel frame.

SOLD $1800.00


The River Panel 

 Glue chipped glass and playful found objects look like water moving down a natural, wild river. Beads, bevels and textured clear glass create a sense of flow between the solid black lines of a custom sized steel frame. Within the piece small sandblasted fragments of glass add to the natural vibe of the river. It carries not only stone, ice, and water, but also parts of the surrounding vegetation.

SOLD - 18.5" x 30.5" $1095.00

Both are signed by the artist and available for pick up at our studio in Elora.

We do carry additional one-of-a-kind panels in the shop so come on in or give us a quick call for availability and inquiries!
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