Airy Bedroom Transom - Guelph, ON

Airy Bedroom Transom - Guelph, ON

Airy Bedroom Transom 

This transom was installed in the master bedroom of a century home in Guelph, ON.
Although not too far from the city-center, the garden is well tended and secluded our
client wanted to enhance the pleasing view of the canopy of mature trees of the garden.

Not required to create privacy or mask anything unsightly  we used light airy textures that play with the colour and tone of changing seasons in the backyard. It must be a nice way to wake up in the morning!

Some materials used in this specific transom include antique heritage glasses. Incorporating antique heritage glass in this project makes for a visually lively window and helps to validate the contemporary design.

We have created a few renditions of this design for various clients in the past and thought to include the original “cartoon”  in this post so you can get a better sense of how some designs can take on a life of their own for use in different situations.

The original installation happened late in the season and most of the brilliant red leaves of the Japanese Maple, which is just outside the window, had fallen to the ground.  A revisit to capture the window with summer colours behind it, shows how effectively we can involve our interior environments with the exterior.


If you are thinking of commissioning a custom piece or have further questions about custom work, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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