Our Featured Artists


Hanscomb Glass Studio is proud to feature original artwork and jewelry from local and internationally renowned artists in our Elora shop! 

We are please to introduce:

Julie Beverstein

Julie is one of our flame working artists. She creates stunning beads and jewellery pieces that are truly tiny works of art. Layering and manipulating colours, textures and transparencies, she is able to make whimsical beaded jewellery for any occasion. She makes these both at her own home studio and here at Hanscomb Glass between her shifts as a pilot with a Canadian air company.

Beatrice Shomber - Beusha

Beatrice Shomber is originally from Germany and moved to Argentina where she has lived for 7+ years. We met Beatrice on a family trip in 2019 in a small artists collective in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. We found her studio in a former neighbourhood hotel which was transformed in 1979 into an art gallery and atelier for painters and sculptors. Its façade was modified, but its interior still preserves the original Italian features.

Her original inspiration came from a television series she saw about the work of artists on the Island of Murano. She did a course to learn how to flamework and started working directly with glass.


All of her pieces are made one by one on the flame and when they are finished they go into a kiln for annealing. Beatrice makes the beads for most of the fruit jewellery we carry in the shop. 

Heather Wood - The Bridge Studio

Heather Wood is a friend and fellow artisan from Elora. She has worked as an artist and educator in schools at both the elementary and secondary school levels, evening classes at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, in Waterloo, The Burlington Art Centre, the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington and more. Her specialities include warm glass techniques, such as fusing, slumping and glass painting. Much of Heather’s work revolves around the image of the tree. Through various techniques involving glass she explores trees as cultural symbols.

Heather has been part of the fabric of this craft movement for a long time. She is retiring from glasswork for a while to move to Alberta to be closer to her family.
Originally a textile artist Heather, plans on shifting her focus away from glass to experiment and play with other mediums. She will be greatly missed as a long term artist in Elora after 16+ years.
We carry a number of her pieces in our shop including painted jewellery, slumped glass waves, and graphic wall art.

The Three Crows - Les Trois Corbeaux

The Three Crows used to participate in the One of a Kind craft show in Toronto where we originally met. Jeff and Christina run their glass studio out of Quebec City where they create blown glass ornaments such as witch balls, flying pigs, mice and colourful hummingbirds.

Photo by Idra Labrie

Their mission is to bring beauty and whimsy to everyday life, and this is definitely reflected in their fun and bright glasswork. If you are ever in Quebec City you can go by their artisanal glass studio located in the heart of the Old City to see the energetic pair in action.

Stay tuned for more Featured Artists coming next month!