The Studio & Store

Hanscomb Glass Studio has become a favourite destination for visitors to the picturesque Village of Elora. The yellow clapboard century old building is nestled right downtown, and offers walk-in patrons a rare glimpse into a working studio. Adjacent to the bright workspace our store offers visitors an array of one of a kind glass work, decorative windows, fused and slumped bowls, mirrors, wind chimes and flame worked ornaments.

The store offers shoppers an opportunity to purchase affordable handmade art pieces and is often the point where initial contact is made to discuss ideas for custom and commissioned work.
Combining design with enduring functionality, visitors return to select eclectic items for the home, garden and every space in between.
Hanscomb Glass Studio
40 Church Street
Elora, Ontario, N0B 1S0
Phone: 519-846-0884
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Of course it can be arranged for you to visit us outside of our listed hours. Just send us a quick email or call 519 846 0884!

The Studio

Hanscomb Glass Studio was established in 1983 and has since emerged as specialised craft, boasting quality and individualism.  The studio is a cornerstone in Elora, Ontario, where is spans 1000 square meters, and is equipped with 4 kilns, a flameworking and a sand blasting station.

It’s really what you would imagine a creative space to look like- thronged with ideas, tools and machinery, smatterings of blueprints and prototypes dispersed over surfaces, the inbetweens filled with mediums of all sorts.

All of our work is created in the studio- from our store collection of glassware, portals and ornaments to conceptualising ideas for bigger pieces or historic window restoration. It’s truly an authentic workspace at it’s finest.

Our work area is tucked just behind the store and our clients are welcomed to take a peek and get inspired by our creative space during custom work and commission consultations.

We’re true masters of the craft- find out more about us as artists here!