Custom Work

Whatever your space, we are able to craft windows for it. Generally, we’re commissioned windows to provide privacy, or remembrance and develop panels and medallions to accent living spaces.  We hand-craft traditional, neo-traditional and contemporary windows right here in our studio.

We’re eager to learn about your needs and ideas so that we are able to work together to design a piece that is exclusive to you and your home, business, or sanctuary.

The Process

: The first step after the initial contact is to thoroughly and accurately assess the requirements of the project in a pre-arranged meeting. Giving us pictures of the space, or having us come to the space itself to evaluate the light, style, setting and the mood of the space is valuable, if not essential. Usually an exchange of ideas will occur, measurements and guided photos taken, and then we discuss the budget and timeline for the project. The pricing of the project can only be done once the scope of the project is clear. At this point, we request a 20% deposit to begin the project.

Design: With the notes and the inspiration from the initial consultation, usually a few preliminary sketches are drafted. The success of any custom design is reliant on good communication between the client and the artist. Once the design and scope of the project has been decided and approved, work can begin!

Production: The glass is chosen and manipulated as needed, full scale drawings, “cartoons”, are used to help piece the glass together, and finally the glass is assembled with came and/or solder and framed.

Installation: Framing of autonomous panels can be done using a variety of materials (woods, metals) and hung in the desired space. If the glass panel is to be fit in an existing opening, we are able to travel to you to safely and professionally install them ourselves. Otherwise, we are able to send them to you or have you pick them up, but this provides difficulties as we are not able to guarantee that the windows will arrive in one piece. Installation and framing options will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Pricing Stained and Leaded Glass
We are able to estimate our commissioned windows usually by square foot and by style. We vary in price, but start at about $450.00 per square foot. Extra work like travelling to inspect locations or installing windows are not included in this base price. Once we have given an estimate for the custom work, we request a deposit of 20% to get the project started.

Pricing of custom stained glass is a combination of labour and material cost. Size is only one element we factor in when pricing.
Other variables include:

  • The cost of glass itself can vary greatly
  • Any glass manipulation and enhancing, such as painting, sandblasting or fusing will increase the overall cost as these techniques are time consuming

A Lasting Work of Art
Thoughtfully using our design process, fused, textured, and coloured glass, and premium lead came for structural integrity ensures that each window will last for generations if cared for properly.
In the shop we have a small ‘Inspiration Centre’ set-up where you’re able to peruse our past installations, designs and current colour samples to conceptualise ideas for your own commissioned piece.

Check out our store hours or schedule an appointment with us regarding custom work. Please contact us here.