Bamboo Glass Wind Chime Made in Elora
Glass Bamboo Chimes technical drawing
Bamboo Chimes ready for the Kiln
Glass Bead Colours

Bamboo Chimes

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Glass Bamboo Chimes 

Chimes can add a nice sound to help create your own restful environment

Our Bamboo Chimes are skillfully created over a torch with borosilicate glass, which is more commonly known as “Pyrex.” The sound that our Bamboo chimes produce is a ”sweet” one, despite it being the hardest glass out of our chime collection. Suspended from a stainless steel harness, with varying glass beads, they make a charming addition to any window, porch or backyard.
Want to learn more about how our chimes are made and designed? Check out the blog post here.

Weight: 165 grams
Stainless steel ring : 2.25 inches across
Each glass piece 10" long.
Overall chime length 24"
Czech glass bead 8mm, colour can vary: Forest Green, Clear Sparkle, Orange Green Crackle, Turquoise Yellow Crackle, Ruby Red, Red Orange Crackle.

All measurements are approximate due to the handmade nature of our work