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Who We Are

Initiated from an unyielding passion for the craft, Hanscomb Glass has grown over the last 35 years into a leading contemporary glass studio. The Studio was founded and opened in 1983 in Fergus, Ontario where, after three short years moved to the neighbouring town of Elora in 1986. In that time the studio has been actively creating and installing custom and commissioned stained, leaded and fused glass windows as well as specialising with the preservation, restoration and maintenance of leaded and stained glass windows and heritage woodwork. The consistency in the high quality craftsmanship is what makes Hanscomb Glass distinctive.

Neil Hanscomb

Neil was born in Leicester, England and immigrated to Canada with his family at age three. In his younger years he travelled back and forth between the two countries spending his last school years in Bristol. In 1980 Neil moved to Calgary, Alberta where he enrolled in a fine woodwork apprenticeship. His passion for glass was initially inspired by a 7 month road trip around the US. Neil noticed a significant amount of glasswork in his travels which motivated a shift in his focus from wood to glass. In the fall of 1983 Neil left Calgary and started a glass studio in Fergus, Ontario. In 1984 he was joined by Gisela Ruehe and finally in 1986 the pair moved the studio to the artist community of Elora. During the late eighties Neil studied at Pilchuck Glass School near Seattle and at the Banff Centre for the Arts with world renowned German artist Johannes Schreiter. Schreiter was a significant aspect to the development of Neil’s personal glass design style. After his studies, and travelling to Germany to see glass works in Europe, Neil began to develop his stained glass to a non-traditional, contemporary style. Colour became almost obsolete at Hanscomb Glass as Neil enjoys playing with texture and light involved with clear glass. Neil's strength lies in innovative contemporary design and his devotion for heritage stained glass and its preservation. His work can be found in private, public, commercial and ecclesiastical spaces throughout Ontario and beyond. Neil is an autodidact, and this is very much present throughout his life. He is an avid traveller, a self taught sailor, a certified solo diver and dive master. When he is not at the studio, Neil can be found zipping around Ontario lakes in his sailboat.


Gisela Ruehe

Gisela was born and grew up in Münster,Germany. Her early love of travel and adventurous spirit lead her to take a gap year in 1982 to Calgary, Alberta where she met Neil. In 1984, she immigrated to Canada and joined Neil who had started the glass studio. Gisela is the force behind the day to day developments and operations at the studio. She is also an accomplished flameworking glass artist and in the winter months she can be found behind the torches, twisting, pulling, and creating some of the beautiful and original Hanscomb Glass ornaments. Despite being incredibly diligent and hardworking throughout the year, Gisela always makes sure she takes the time to connect back with her roots in Germany. These visits are often inclusive of week long bike tours across her home continent. Neil and Gisela are firm believers in self development to maintain inspiration and passion for their work. This means that they will be travelling for a number of weeks through the year to new and distant places. Travelling has allowed the pair to develop many unique and innovative aspects to Hanscomb Glass. When she is not travelling, Gisela manages the regular business operations at the studio and running the store. She is a very active member of the Elora community so there is always a chance to see her at local events or riding her red bike around town.


 Silvia Taylor

Silvia is an accomplished hot glass artist who trained at Sheridan College. She works part-time in our studio to assist Gisela with flame-working.Silvia is currently working towards creating a studio, completing a new body of work with support from the Ontario Arts Council, and making time for research and travel with award money from Craft Ontario. Be sure to see her jewellery and flame-blown ornaments, including our very popular chubby birds!


Jennifer Wagner

Jen joined the studio in the summer of 2017.  She began working with glass at "The Glass Bead Game",  in St. Jacobs in the late 1990s. Trained in the copper foil method of stained glass production, Jen now helps Neil create his signature portal windows and assists with many other aspects of the studio.

Julie Beverstein

Julie is one of our flame working artists. She creates stunning beads and jewellery pieces that are truly tiny works of art. Layering and manipulating colours, textures and transparencies, she is able to make whimsical beaded jewellery for any occasion. She makes these both at her own home studio and here at Hanscomb Glass between her shifts as a pilot with a Canadian air company.



For the past 30 years, Hanscomb Glass Studio has believed that its business is built on personal ethics, integrity, expertise, professionalism and in dealing with our customers fairly and honestly. We are committed to creating and maintaining beautiful glass work for people to enjoy for generations. The consistency of the high quality craftsmanship in our work is important to us. From the restoration, maintenance and repair of old stained and leaded glass windows to the design and construction of new commissioned windows, we take care with each stage of our projects. We also pride ourselves on our customer service as we listen to your needs and ideas, and then develop an action-plan and/or design to work with you as the needs of each client is unique.

We support social causes in the community and we have worked successfully with Community Living and Northern Lights Employment Agency. Throughout the years we have liaised with Katimavik as well as with the high school co-op program to give a comprehensive curriculum that develops stained glass skills in our workers.

Environmentally, we try to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills from our communities by restoring and maintaining current stained glass and crafting our own with post-consumer materials, if possible. We have also developed a few products for our Studio Store that are made with 100% post-consumer materials. From our arctic ice series made from shattered tempered glass to our tea-light lanterns, we try to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly business-- even our product cards are made with 100% recycled paper!