Enˈso͞o - River Stone Design Notes

Enˈso͞o - River Stone Design Notes

Enˈso͞o - River Stones Design Notes | Elora, ON

 Sometime back we did a little studio experiment and put some thick glass chunks into the kiln to soften the sharp edges. As is the way with experiments, especially when firing glass to high temperatures, the results don't always turn out the way you plan or expect. But around this place happy accidents are eagerly accepted and in this case we ended up with some really cool glass that looked very much like soft worn river stones. The pieces were seductively smooth and luminescent in the sunlight. These, I thought as I shelved them along with other like and similar treasures, would be the inspiration for a special window one day...well, that day finally arrived when Julie came to visit our studio.

Julie wanted a small, nearly square panel for  the upstairs bathroom of her century home. She wanted to hang the panel in the lower section of the window and privacy really wasn't the issue. The window looks out to the canopy of trees across the road and Irvine river gorge in front of her house and there are no neighbours to consider.
At the time of her visit the studio was cluttered with the mess from a couple of our last projects. Glass and lead covered the floor and easel and on the benches were panels ready and waiting for installation.
Julie said she'd been waiting to get a window from us and would be happy with anything we'd care to create, carte blanche.

It's been said that necessity is the mother of creation and with Julie standing in the middle of this huge studio mess it became apparent that we should look no further for inspiration. With such little input and needing a bit more direction from her I pointed to the easel and some of our delicate branch patterned glass and then over to a box of blue glass cut-offs- "Ooh, I like blue, I'll leave it to you and be pleased with whatever you come up with". Ok, say no more- client confidence is fundamental in my creative process, so I reached for my box of glass "river stones"....

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