Wedding Gifts in Elora

Getting Married in Elora, ON: The Charm of Local Gifts and Wedding Favours

 Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Ontario, Canada, the small town of Elora offers a stunning backdrop for weddings. With its scenic riverside location and historic charm, Elora has become a popular destination for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding experience. This beautifully situated Canadian town has panoramic views of the river and the Elora Gorge. With its rugged limestone cliffs, rushing river, and lush forests, the Elora area provides a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and outdoor receptions. Elora is the perfect place to say "I do" and start your happily ever after.

The Importance of Buying Local Wedding Gifts and Favours

In addition to the beautiful wedding location, Elora also offers a variety of local businesses where you can find unique gifts for your wedding party, as well as for your guests. Supporting local businesses helps to boost the local economy and adds a personal touch to your special day. Elora has something for everyone. By choosing to give local gifts, you can showcase the best of what the town has to offer and make your wedding day even more memorable for everyone involved.

Wedding Gift Ideas from Hanscomb Glass Studio

Tie the knot with something special! Our studio and shop offers a wide range of unique and thoughtful gifts for the happy couple. Whether they're traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, Hanscomb Glass Studio has something for everyone.

Some of the top gift ideas include:

  • Gorgeous Handmade Glass Bowls
  • Glass Portals Designed and Crafted by Neil 
  • Special Fused Glass Mirrors
  • Unique Platters and Cheese Trays
  • Upcycled Arctic Ice Candle Holders
  • Let the couple decide for themselves with a Gift Card from Hanscomb Glass

Wedding Favours from Hanscomb Glass

Leave a lasting impression on your guests with thoughtful and unique wedding favours. We have something for every couple and every wedding theme.

Some top wedding favour ideas include:

  • Mini Glass Drape Candle Holders 
  • Locally upcycled Root Starters
  • Handspun Glass Icicles
  • Exceptional Glass Drapes
  • Clear Square Stackable Glass Coasters

Wedding favours are small gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation for attending a wedding. They are usually presented at the reception, placed on the tables, or given to guests as they leave. Wedding favours serve as a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for being a part of their special day and can also serve as a memento or keepsake for guests to take home.


Why Choose Handmade Wedding Favours?

Handmade wedding favours have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They add a personal touch to your special day and offer guests a unique and meaningful keepsake that they'll actually enjoy for years to come. 

  1. Uniqueness: Handmade wedding favours are one-of-a-kind. They're crafted with care and attention to detail, making each piece unique and special.

  2. Story Behind the Favor: Handmade wedding favours often have a story behind them. How they are made, what they are made from and where they are made add a special dimension to your choice.  Pick wedding favours that fit your theme or color scheme and make the story your own.

  3. Express Gratitude: By giving your guests a beautiful and unique gift, you're showing them how much you appreciate their love and support on your special day. Handmade favours are a thoughtful and heartfelt way to say thank you.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our gift ideas here. 

Elora, with its natural beauty and historic charm, provides the perfect setting for a wedding. By choosing local gifts and favours, you add a personal touch to your celebration and support the vibrant community of Elora. Whether you’re picking up a unique piece from Hanscomb Glass Studio, sourcing other handmade favors, or a combination of both, these thoughtful choices will make your wedding day even more special for you and your guests. So, as you plan your wedding in Elora, remember to explore the local treasures that can make your day truly unforgettable!

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