What We Do

At Hanscomb Glass, we are passionate about what we do. As a store specializing in unique and eco-friendly glass products, we strive to inspire our customers with stunning creations.

Founded in 1983, our studio is dedicated to the artistry and craftsmanship of modern stained glass. We believe that glass has the power to transform space, and add texture and beauty.

Our collection features a wide range of glass products, each designed with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. From our Arctic Ice Candle Holders made from post-consumer materials to our intricate Glass Panels, every piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of art and functionality.

We believe in creating beauty without harming the environment. That's why we have been using eco-friendly materials and techniques in our production process since the very start of our artistic journey. 

With a focus on quality and attention to detail, we take pride in creating and offering exceptional products. Whether you're looking to enhance your home decor or searching for a unique gift, our glass creations are sure to inspire and delight.

Explore our designs and let our glass work inspire you.

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