All About Wine Bottle Lanterns

All About Wine Bottle Lanterns

A splash of vino can lighten the mood and so can our handmade lanterns upcycled from old wine bottles!

Typically, glass bottles are either recycled, returned to local deposit centers, or unfortunately end up in landfills. To tackle this issue, we have taken the initiative to repurpose these bottles into unique, upcycled décor items

These standing lanterns crafted from reclaimed wine bottles add an hip ambiance to your home's entertainment areas. Whether for indoors or for out, the enchanting play of candlelight brings a cosy atmosphere.             

Soft light and beautiful design no matter the season

We make the lanterns by first washing the bottles and clean off any labels or glues. Then we score and cut the bottles. Depending on the size and shape of the bottle this can be a tricky step. The cut bottom of the bottle is removed and the edge of the glass is then hand ground and polished to provide a safe and smooth finish. 
After crafting these lanterns for 25+ years we have developed the perfect base for the lantern shade to rest on. The bases allow airflow to reach the tealight candle and prevents the inside of the bottle from overheating. We make our bases from 2 pieces of glass which we cut, lay, fuse and mold in our kilns. Whenever possible the bases are also made from obsolete glass. After a firing in the kiln the bases are cleaned and polished. 

Set the atmosphere.

Our classic Wine Bottle Lanterns are sandblasted or etched with a branch pattern to create the soft glow finish. Once the bottles have been sandblasted and cleaned we oil them. This creates a softer glow and also ensures that no marks or fingerprints are left on the glass surface

In addition to our regular line of Wine Bottle Lanterns we make a selection of special lanterns such as extra large or distinct bottles.

Sandblasted lanterns ready for oiling!

Lighting and handling of the lantern. 

We provide a small tealight candle and glass cup with each of our Wine Bottle Lanterns. These tea lights work best because they are the perfect size for the lanterns as the heat they produce can be absorbed and distributed by the shade.
HOT! Please do not lift our lanterns by the bottleneck.
Heat rises, always lift by the base of the bottle. This is the safest and easiest way to handle the lantern.

The candle won't blow out in a breeze, so they can be used outside to give your garden, deck or patio a nice vibe. Please never leave candles unattended.
Don’t want to have a real flame? Some of our customers use LED candles to create a similar look!  

We offer our Wine Bottle Lanterns in classic white, green, blue and our select speciality bottles. The perfect way to keep your home decor fresh and fun! 

Recognizing the potential in what others might see as waste, we've transformed these glass treasures into unique, handmade lanterns; a creative twist on upcycling that brings a new life to old wine bottles. Whether for warm summer evenings or for cooler, darker days, wine bottle lanterns bring a warm and unique artistic element to the home.

Now the lanterns are lit, it is time to enjoy the ambience!

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