Our Featured Artists: Emma Gerard

Our Featured Artists: Emma Gerard

Emma Gerard is a talented glass and jewellery artist based in the Greater Toronto Area. With a passion for creating colorful and unique handmade pieces, Emma has built a reputation for her creativity and attention to detail. Whether it is a necklace, or a pair of earrings, each of Emma's fun creations is a work of art that is sure to impress. We carry a number of Emma’s items in our shop and wanted to ask her a few behind the scenes questions about her jewellery and inspiration.

You make very bright and fun jewellery, some of the candy pieces look real enough to eat (not recommended)! Why do you love making the fun, colourful items that you make?

I think it's pretty evident from my work that I LOVE bright colours. I really like making jewellery that stands out and is different from the norm. I absolutely love getting to play with fire and hot glass to make my work as well. I take great pride that every single piece is hand-sculpted and one of a kind. 

You studied at Sheridan College right here in our lovely Ontario, but where did your inspiration come from? 

My inspiration comes from things that make me, and other people, happy. When I get the chance to do shows, seeing the look on people's faces when they see my jewellery is one of my favourite things. The way their eyes light up is magical. 

Tell us, what are your favourite things about the Canadian/Ontario Craft scene?

By and large, it's a very supporting and wonderful community. I love all my craft show friends! 

We can agree with you on that one! Emma, what's new and upcoming for you?

I have just completed all the shows I had planned for the Christmas season, but I have made sure all of my shops, including Hanscomb Glass Studio, are well stocked with goodies! Someone visited my table at one of the craft shows this weekend and said "I think I might have seen this in Elora at Hanscomb!" 

Glad to hear it! Speaking of Elora, what are your thoughts on our little town? 

Elora is pretty much the cutest. If people haven't been to the creperie and then gone for a walk by the river, they definitely should!

That is a great recommendation, thanks for taking the time to share some background with us and we look forward to seeing what other creations you make in the future!


If you want to know more about Emma you can check out her work here.

Emma takes great pride in her work and is always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with glass and jewellery making. If you are in Elora and looking for a truly special piece of jewellery, you cannot go wrong with Emma Gerard's creations. Come by the shop to see her bright and fun jewellery.

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