Stained Glass Design

Using custom work for your interior can transform a regular home or office space into something extraordinary! The images featured below are some examples of our work. Each project is designed with colours and/or textures to create a composition in sympathy to the space and available light- making each project site specific and truly unique.

Detailed image of a space dividing feature wall between kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen & Dining

Add a modern twist to your kitchen area - easily the most important room in your home.  We create custom pieces for kitchen and dining room cupboards, windows and room dividers.  Each window is designed with the space in mind, creating a dazzling element to your home that is sure to be admired by you (and your guests!) everyday.

Garden and Patio

Leaded glass doesn't just have to be part of your house's architecture, it can also be incorporated into your landscaping projects. The designs we construct for outdoor installations are inspired by the surrounding garden and patio spaces. The clear glass captures and reflects nature's colours which creates an ambience like no other to your outdoor paradise.


Your entryway is the first thing you see when arriving to your home, and the last thing you see when you leave. We create sidelights, door panels and transoms that all jive together and transform your entrance way into something unforgettable. If you have an existing window or an idea of how you'd like to make your entryway speak of your individual tastes, contact us!  We're well accustomed to working with your general ideas to bring you exceptional work that is built to last and designed for your home exclusively.


Textured glass windows provide all the privacy that you need and are a certainly a unique alternative to traditional curtains or blinds. Our windows can be designed and fitted to your space exclusively. Installing custom made windows to your bathroom space add one-of-a-kind style whilst allowing enough natural light to still shine through!


For inquiries or to schedule a meeting with us regarding possible custom work, please contact us here.