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 Our selection of bowls come in a wide range of styles and sizes making them not only eye-catching but multi-functional too. Whether you’re using yours as a fruit bowl or a decorative centerpiece, our handcrafted bowls will add a touch of elegance to your home. 

Behind the design:  By applying slumping and fusing techniques , we contour and kiln fire the glass around custom made molds. We also create bowls that are made from 100% post-consumer tempered glass.

General price range: between $69-$239

Availability: In store - come by or call ahead to find out about our current selection! 
Listed are some of our example sizes of the Arctic Ice Bowls.
Arctic Ice Bowls small: 9" across, 2.5" high starting at $75 
Arctic Ice Round , large deep: 17.5" across, 5.25" high , starting at $189
Arctic Ice Round, shallow , large 21" across, 3.5" high starting at $189
Arctic Ice oval small: 10"x 7.5" , 2" high $85
Arctic Ice oval medium : 14.75 x 12 , 4" high $129
Arctic Ice oval large : 19.75 x 14.5 , 5" high $189
Element Bowls: 2 pieces of 5 mm glass fused and slumped onto a "foot"
Element Bowl Large Round: 19" across, 4.5" high $139
Element Bowls Small Round: 13" across, 4.5" high $119
Element Bowl Square: 10x10x3.5"high $ 98
Element Bowl Rectangular 15.75 long x 8 wide x 4" high $119