How to Set Up Your Hydroponic Glass Root Starter 🌿

How to Set Up Your Hydroponic Glass Root Starter 🌿

What You Need:

  • Root Starter Kit (includes small glass shards, a glass bead, and a fire-polished bottle with a top and bottom piece)
  • Water
  • Plant cutting of your choice. We like propagating Hoya plants in these vases but other plants that can grow hydroponically include: Mint, Rosemary, English Ivy, Spider Plants etc. Just make sure the roots are long enough to reach the water.
glass root starters

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Prepare the Base:
    • Begin by filling the base of your fire-polished bottle with water. It’s crucial to leave some space at the top to prevent overflow.
  • Add the Glass Bead:
    • Take the glass bead and place it into the bottle neck. This bead acts as a regulator, slowing the flow of water to the glass aggregate above, making sure your plant receives moisture but is not sitting in still water.
  • Stack the Top into the Water Filled Base:
    • Carefully insert the top piece (with the bead now inside the neck) into the base. 
  • Fill with Glass Shards:
    • Gently fill the bottle neck with the small glass shards provided in your kit. As you do this, watch as the water rise through the shards by capillary action.
  • Introduce Your Plant:
    • Now comes the exciting part! Choose a plant cutting of your choice—herbs like mint are great starters due to their robust rooting system.
      Place your plant in the glass aggregate, ensuring the tip is in contact with the water. This position allows your plant to absorb water efficiently.
  • Top Off with Glass Shards:
    • Once your plant is securely in place, add the rest of the glass shards around it. This secures your plant and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your root starter.

Tips for Success:

  • Light and Temperature: Place your root starter in a location that receives ample indirect sunlight and maintains a consistent temperature.
  • Water Quality: Use room temperature distilled water, or consider letting tap water sit out overnight to dissipate any chlorine, which can be harmful to plant roots. 
  • Plant Selection: Opt for cuttings from healthy plants. Fresh cuttings have a better chance of thriving in your new root starter.


  • Check the water level weekly and top up as needed to ensure your plant remains hydrated.
  • Over time, nutrients will deplete from the water. Consider adding a hydroponic nutrient solution to support plant growth.

Setting up your hydroponic glass root starter adds a touch of greenery to your living space. Happy planting! 🌱

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