Panels & Portals

Glass Panels

Many of our panels are designed using Neil’s signature stained glass style. Each panel has striking elements that draw the eye. With large shards of broken glass and glass pebbles as accents, the organically textured glass elegantly surrounds it. On the smaller panels, the frame may be “broken” which further accentuates the organic and fluid look of the panel.


Others are designed with traditional stained glass in mind. They are often a mixture of coloured and clear glass.

Additionally, we have a style that combines elements of traditional stained glass windows with Neil's contemporary style in a "neo-traditional" panel that is truly stunning.

The photo shown is of a commissioned piece as we, of course, offer custom designed panels. That said, we do carry one-of-a-kind panels in the shop so come on in or give us a quick call for availability and inquiries!

Starting at $250.00 per square foot

Glass Portals

Like the panels, our portals are designed using Neil's signature leading techniques and design aesthetic.

Our portals are made from textured clear or fogged glass. We offer custom work as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that are sold in store, ready to be taken home or given as a gift. They range in sizes between 15"-36" inches. Come on in or give us a quick call for to find out what sizes we currently have available.

Starting at $250.00 per square foot



Behind the design:  By applying a slumping and fusing technique, we contour and kiln fire the glass around custom made molds. We also create bowls that are made from 100% post-consumer tempered glass.


General price range: between $69-$239
Availability: In store - come by or call ahead to find out about our current selection!