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Hydroponic Root Starter Vase

Hydroponic Root Starter Vase

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Introducing a no soil, low maintenance hydroponic rootstarter plant vase made from an upcycled spirits bottle!

Crafted from upcycled bottles from our local distillery, this root starter is an example of sophisticated upcycled design. The clear glass allows a clear view of roots in progress, turning plant propagation into a living art piece. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or new to the world of hydroponics, this root starter vase is designed for effortless use. Just insert your plant cutting, add water, and watch as roots develop!

Perfect for kitchen herbs, ornamental plants, or your favorite flowers, our rootstarters invite nature into your home in an elegant way. It's a celebration of life, recycling, and the beauty of growth. Ideal for gifting or adding a touch of green to your living space.

We like propagating Hoya plants in these vases but other plants that can grow hydroponically include:
English Ivy
Spider Plants

Since hydroponic plants do not require soil, they are low maintenance and don’t get soil borne diseases or pests. You can add a nutrient solution fertilizer and water, drain and refill once a month if you find that your plants need a little extra attention.
Alternatively, once your cutting has sprung some roots (after 2 weeks or so) you can plant it and use the vase to propagate your next plant. 


1 Large Glass Bottle, cut and polished for safety
1 Glass Bead
Tumbled Glass aggregate 

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