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Hydroponic Root Starter Vase

Hydroponic Root Starter Vase

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No soil, low maintenance plant vase made from an upcycled 750 ml wine bottle.

We like propagating Hoya plants in these vases but other plants that can grow hydroponically include:
English Ivy
Spider Plants

Since hydroponic plants do not require soil, they are low maintenance and don’t get soil borne diseases or pests.
You can add a nutrient solution fertilizer and water, drain and refill once a month if you find that your plants need a little extra attention.
Alternatively, once your cutting has sprung some roots (after 2 weeks or so) you can plant it and use the vase to propagate your next plant. 


1 Large Glass Bottle, cut and polished for safety
1 Glass Bead
Tumbled Glass aggregate 

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